Thursday, 14 July 2011

Learning Sugarcraft Week 2

Now, as predicted, these are a little bit of a step up from last time. Honeysuckle is a much more fiddly flower with lots of little bits that can snap off if you're a bit heavy handed, like me. Finesse is not a skill I have refined yet!

We started off by colouring the flower paste a light ivory colour, which as you can see went a lot better than my attempt at colouring last week!

(I also managed to finally get myself some flower paste so I can practice at home! Though next week's poppies look like they might take a fair bit of it... I'll probably buy some more.)

It's funny how a few simple steps can make a really nice outcome, isn't it? I'm not confident enough yet to talk you through how to make them; but one day I will. I swear. Until then, here's some photos of the finished thing.

N.B. This one was made by my instructor, she gave it to me after I managed to snap the tail and three of the prongs off of one of mine whilst attempting to dust it. See how much prettier it is?!

My apologies for the slow updating of this blog; I don't get a lot of time to bake and make things really. I've got some important uni exams coming up at the end of August so I'll either be updating very regularly as a procrastination method or hitting the books! Next week we do poppies, then this class ends, which is sad. But I plan to continue practising my techniques etc. and getting better! I'm looking out for a book on sugarcraft flowers, if anyone can recommend one. It's currently either Sugarcraft Flowers or Sugar Flowers for Beginners atm... Not sure which yet!

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