Monday, 13 June 2011

Mississippi Mud Pie Cupcakes

I can never spell that right, thank God for autocorrect!

Not my favourite cake, in fact I haven't really tried them *ashamed* but I do have one good reason for it... I hate rum/brandy/99% of alcohol in cake or chocolate! This recipe uses our good friend, Jim Beam for an extra kick. And a lot of it. As you can tell, the mix is quite runny. This is another cake recipe from my new Lets Make Whoopies! book, and once again, I am impressed. Or at least, my boyfriend who's slowly working his way through all 14 is.

This was full when I started. OK, well... At least, above the label! Now about half full. Far too much used!
Just baked, note the brownie like appearance (and the uh, slight burnt bits)

Despite the runny mix, they're pretty dry. I think I over cooked them. 

The one thing I really liked about this recipe was the icing, which was a different, more fudgey style than the cream cheese frosting which Grey seems to favour. It involved all manner of fun things like boiling sugar and evaporated milk...

This icing all has a large glug of J.B in. Nom. It's really easy to make (despite all the intricacies!) but the trouble comes in waiting for it to cool down before using it! It needs a good four hours to get to a workable temperature, and you'll probably have to beat it before you use it as it'll start to set. Don't try to ice your cakes before it's cold like I did, you will burn yourself! 

Got lots of time off this week so I'll make something that I can post the recipe for, probably Wednesday. 

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  1. I LOVE MISSISSIPPI MUD PIE!!! These look amazing, Nat! I absolutely adore boozy chocolate. Liqueur chocolates, rum and cinnamon hot chocolate? Yes, please! Bit of an old soak, me! Ha! <3. XXX.